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Dr. Johanna Granville is the Panitza Visiting Professor of communist studies at the American University of Bulgaria. She has taught on Fulbright grants at the University of Debrecen, Hungary, and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. A former Campbell Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, she is the author of The First Domino: International Decision Making during the Hungarian Crisis of 1956 (2004); 'If Hope Is Sin, Then We Are All Guilty': Romanian Students' Reactions to the Hungarian Revolution and Soviet Intervention, 1956-1958 (2008); and numerous scholarly refereed articles. She can be reached by email: jgranville@hotmail.com.


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True Grit: Gheorghiu-Dej and Romanian Exceptionalism in 1956 Global Economic Crisis: Stop Sustaining Unsustainability WikiLeaks Scandal Trotsky and the Fourth International Poker with Putin over Ukraine
Magyarország, 1956: tanulságok Románia számára U.S. and Soviet Afghan Wars Compared Engaging a Rising China   Bibó After 1956
Blame.the.Messenger 911. Wakeup Call for NATO and EU A Laboratory of Transnational History    
Dej-a-Vu.Romania '56   Operation Rollback.Peter Grose    
Hogyan segítette az 1956-os magyar forradalom a román vezetést   Imre Nagy, Martyr of the Nation    
Of Spies, Refugees, and Hostile Propaganda   Cold War Broadcasting    
Ulbricht in October, 1956   Red Mafia    
Megtorlás Budapesten   History of Ukraine    
Tito's Role in the 'Nagy Affair'   Enemies of the People    
Forewarned is Forearmed        
The Many Paradoxes of NATO Enlargement        
If Hope Is Sin. Romanian Reactions to '56        


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